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$150 per month

New Project

$300 per month


$75 per month

Marketing Coordinator/Copywriter

$5,083 per month
(excluding benefits)

Time to launch a campaign

2 to 3 days

Average Time A Marketing Coordinator Stays Before Leaving

2.5 years


$5,608 per month

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Time to launch a Campaign
15 minutes
$399 per month

Reasons to use Pocial AI

These cost-based efficiencies contribute to maximizing marketing effectiveness while minimizing unnecessary expenses, allowing businesses to achieve better outcomes with their marketing budgets.

Ai-powered automation optimizes resources, saving time and reducing labor costs in marketing tasks.


Predictive analytics provided by Ai, empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize marketing budgets, and identify high-return opportunities.


Ai enables targeted advertising, minimizing ad spend waste by reaching the right audience with personalized messaging.

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Pocial Ai is your Marketing Coordinator generating marketing content at the push of a button.

Automated Data Driven Decisions

As Pocial Ai suggests content and campaigns, it also collects results and data to help drive future marketing decisions.

Pocial Ai helps you come up with new marketing campaigns and then generates all necessary assets